Recent News in the Masjid

1) Dar ul Uloom USA has recently overhauled their schooling system to better accommodate its students. Arabic classes are now held Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am-1:00 PM, and Quranic classes are held every Monday to Thursday at 3:30-7:00 PM. For more information, click on the Classes tab.

2) On Monday, 5/19/2014, the community’s mushawra decided to change the timing of their taleem/joyla sessions. The “taleem” session has been moved from after Isa to after Mughrib. The Joyla  session has also been rescheduled to occur on Thursday’s Asr to Mughrib, with the Joyla Bayan scheduled after Mughrib .

3) Omar Kasani’s popular Tasfeer session has been suspended until Ramadan (July). We thank Omar Kasani for his tireless volunteer efforts, and hope that he will be able to resume the Tasfeer during Ramadan.

4) The masjid has recently got two new fences and is now trying to pay money for them. You can decide to sponsor the two fence. Sponsoring the smaller “DUUSA” fence cost $2,000 and sponsoring the larger “Masjid Arafat” fence is $3,500. For more information, please email masjidarafat@duusa.org.