Fundraising Success!

Masjid Arafat has successfully completed its campaign to raise money for the tubewell. The tubewell has now been fully paid for, and we can be assured that we will be able to pump out free water and save on our utility bills.

On Friday, 6/27/2014, we also hosted a fundraiser for the Baitulmaal charity at Masjid Arafat, to help raise money for their program to feed the poor during Ramadan. The fundraiser has been an outstanding success, as we raised awareness about the need to help our Muslim brothers during times of great distress. If you would like to donate to Baitulmaal and sponsor orphans or needy families, please call Brother Fayez at 832-640-0832.

–In other news, the regular Taleem (reading of hadith) sessions has been rescheduled to occur after Asr every day instead of after Magrib every day, so as to not conflict with the regular Ramadan Iftar events.–