Muslim Matchmaking (Shaddi)

We provide this as a community service to help fellow Muslims find their perfect mate. If you wish to register, please email us at with your information, or fill out this handy form. We will contact you with the best match. Thanks you for visiting this site.


*32 years old medical doctor in practice

*32 year old post-doc research associate

*34 year old microfinance project coordinator

*30 year old, desktop support technician

*32 year old physician

*32 year old medical doctor, in fellowship


*26 years old, born and raised in USA Medical Profession, medical doctor in practice

*39 years old, medical doctor in practice

*33 years old, Public Relations specialist and owner of a private university

*27 years old, Bachelors in Psychology and Education

*24 years old, Bachelors in Economics and Political Science

*24 years old, Bachelors, currently an administrator at a local company

*30 years old, Masters in Business Administration, Bank Manager

*28 years old, Office Manager at a local hospital

*27 years old student

*30 years old tax accountant

*30 years old medical doctor