Counseling FAQs

We have two trained counselors  at Dar ul Uloom USA. These counselors use Islamic methods to help resolve personal problems. If you want any counseling, please email us at and we will help you with your problems. Here are some of the problems that we had recently dealt with:

Question #1: What should I do if my father wants money every month? If I send it, he’s happy and will pray for me. If I don’t, he will be mad.
Answer #1: Send as much as you can, and also take care of your family and pray for Allah to help you to solve the problem with your father.

Question #2: What would you do if the patient has a terminal illness and is connected to a feeding tube? If we remove the tube, the patient will die. Our family is really divided on this case.
Answer #2:  Depending on the situation of the patient, the feeding tube may be disconnected, by the consent of the family. Since your family is divided on this issue, you should seek to establish consensus within the family. Sit down and talk with each other on this.