To celebrate Ramadan 2018, we created a webpage here – . This page contains pictures from Ramadan 2018 and a Youtube video of the Eid-ul-Fitr khutba delivered by Imam Ahmed at Masjid Arafat. We hope you enjoy it!

New Mimbar Installed, Ready For the Month of Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak! We welcome the opportunity to fast and worship Allah (swt) in this blessed and holy month. To help prepare for this month, we installed a brand-new mimbar in our prayer hall in Masjid Arafat. We hope you’ll like it. You may see a picture of this mimbar here:

Quranic Arabic Classes

At Masjid Arafat, we will be hosting regular Quranic Arabic classes to help prepare people for Ramadan. This class would be held by Dr. Mohammed Azeemuddin (PhD) and will teach the language of the Quran. These classes will be held every Tuesday, between Magrib and Isha. Please come.

We ended the blessed month of Ramadan with Eid prayers this week, started work on redesigning the Women’s Section of the masjid (knocking down some walls to make it a big hall), and plan to expand the parking lot with donations from the Muslim community ($1,000 for each parking space). Jazakallah Kahir.

Eid  Prayers

Takbeerat at 8:30 AM

Prayers at 9:00 AM

Masallah, we are having a very successful Ramadan, as we are seeing  more people coming to Masjid Arafat for Iftar and Tarweeh than ever before. We will be hosting Khatum-ul-Quran at Masjid Arafat on Thursday June 22nd. Please attend…and bring your family and relatives.

We have a room in Masjid Arafat available for rent. If you like to use the facilities of Masjid Arafat for any event (Aqeekah, Wedding, Graduations, Khatumal Quran, etc.), please donate generously to the general fund of the Masjid. For more info, please call 281-495-1916 or 281-250-7541.

On January 6th, we announced the winners of Masjid Arafat’s Youth Essay Contest – Muhammad Shaik, Rabia Shaik, and Tuba K. They were given certificates in front of the Muslim community, and (inshallah) their essays will be posted on website shortly. Alhamudillah!